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Pastor - Children, Marriage, & Family

Meet Pastor Roxanne


NERDY STUFF: Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology from Northwest University in 1993. Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from George Fox Seminary in 1996.

MOVIE: The Anne of Green Gables series

CLEANING/WORKING TUNES: Don't laugh. I love soft instrumentals. Piano and guitar are my faves. I get tons done and feel really relaxed doing it.

BOOK (OTHER THAN THE BIBLE OF COURSE): Short stories are my style. I have a short attention span when it comes to...wait, what was the question?

SPORTS TEAM: Go Denver Broncos! I also really love watching the Olympics.

HOBBIES: I like to sing, write, do crafts, hike, bike, color, and play games.

FREE TIME: Free time?!?! I love to hang out with my 14 grandkids.

FEARS: Snakes. Even baby snakes are terrifying.

LAST MEAL ON EARTH: Steak and lobster, a loaded baked potato, salad with thousand island dressing, and cherry-topped cheesecake. Great. Now I'm hungry.

A little more about Roxy

Roxy found Jesus at the tender age of 8 at a kid's camp; which is why she is so passionate about our kid's camp. She's been married 23 years to her best friend Greg, whom she affectionately calls her Prince Charming, Grizzly Adams, and Bozo the Clown combo. Roxanne has eight kids and, by the grace of God, survived five teenagers at once. She likes to tutor elementary school students, as one of her passions is education and advocating for children. 

You're not going to find a more positive person than Roxanne; she always sees the glass half full, even when life hasn't been perfect for her. She agrees with Buddy the Elf when he says, "Smiling is my favorite." She can find the good in almost anything, except licorice, clams, oysters, and spiders. She's also not the biggest fan of mornings, but coffee helps adjust her attitude. She's a fantastic singer, songwriter, and has even authored a book. She's a big dreamer, has seen God do amazing miracles, and believes the best is yet to come.

ROXANNE'S hope for city gate

I want our church to be a place where people feel loved, valued, and encouraged to go after all that God has planned for them. I want families to feel support and kids to grow strong. I want us to love our local community and to make a difference in the world around us. I am incredibly blessed to serve CGC. I know God's plans are bigger than I can imagine.

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